About Us

Stephen Northington, CFP®, CDFA™

Stephen started his career in Banking and Financial Services in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1992. An 18 year career working for some of the largest investment banks in the country paved the way for Stephen and his wife Debbie to launch Northington Investment Group, a certified wealth management firm located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Our mission at Northington Investment Group is to work toward delivering “Financial Comfort” to everyone who engages our firm. It’s our brand, we live it every day at our business Northington Investment Group in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Stephen learned the importance of making clients feel comfortable when making financial decisions while facing Retirement, Divorce, Loss of a job, Loss of a loved one.

Our wish is for our clients to  experience financial comfort knowing they are working with a firm that holds the highest credentials in our industry and cares enough to make an engagement a much bigger conversation than just managing money.

We’re Northington Investment Group, the place to be to work toward “Financial Comfort” today, tomorrow, and the future.

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Debbie Northington, Vice President – Marketing,

Series 7, 65 registered through LPL Financial.

Debbie enjoyed an 18-year career at Alltel Corporation, a fortune 500 telecommunications company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Debbie held various senior level positions in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, and Sales.

Celebrating over 20 years of marriage with Stephen, we bring a unique husband and wife approach to the financial services market place. We believe this is an enormous advantage to our clients, especially women.

There are three broad ways in which men and women differ in their financial decision making.

  • Women tend to focus more on the long term, non-monetary goals
  • Women tend to be thorough and take more time to make decisions than men.
  • Women seek more advice and help

Stephen and Debbie understand these differences and are uniquely qualified to address these and help work toward “Financial Comfort” with their clients, especially women!

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