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Services To Support All Your Needs

We focus on comprehensive financial planning. This covers all areas of your financial life, including purpose and life planning, cash flow and lifestyle management, insurance planning and risk management, retirement planning and income distribution, education planning, investment and asset management, tax planning, strategic giving, and wealth transfer and estate planning. We cover each of these areas for you, as your own individual circumstances require. It’s through our complete focus that we help you work towards full financial comfort.

Retirement Planning

Review of the allocation of finances for retirement. We produce a retirement plan providing for your 100 years of life that is stress tested for different life scenarios. It’s our planning based on conservative assumptions that will help answer the question, “Will our money last to the day we no longer need it?” The goal of retirement planning is to pursue financial independence, so that the need to be gainfully employed is optional rather than a necessary. Learn more here.

Divorce Planning

Helping clients achieve fair and equitable financial divorce settlements that work just as well 3, 5, 10 and even 15 years as they do the date the divorce decree is signed. Our intimate knowledge of the Divorce process helps hold other advisors accountable and helps protect your children and families. Our Divorce services start being impactful at $500,000 of investible assets and become extremely impactful to more affluent clients. Learn more here.

Insurance Planning

We help our clients manage or transfer risk, evaluate existing life insurance policies, and implement strategies that solve for Long Term Care and Tax Free Retirement Planning. Insurance reviews are powerful and an area we often see gaps in our affluent clients’ planning and become a key engagement at Northington Investment Group. Learn more here.

Estate Planning

Protecting your legacy and anticipating and arranging for the transfer of your estate to future generations. Estate planning typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of probate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. Learn more here.

Small Business Planning

You work hard every day to build a strong future for your company and its employees, and your dedication shows in the results you deliver to your customers and stakeholders. We are equally dedicated to the financial wellbeing of both you and your business. We offer access to quality investment and insurance strategies customized to address the individual needs of businesses. Learn more here.

Education Planning

Development of a solid education funding plan. By beginning early, we can leverage the power of compounding and significantly reduce the amount of capital needed to contribute to your education fund. Learn more here.