Our Expertise

Taking the leadership role in your success.

As many of our clients do, you probably have a variety of financial professionals assisting your family. This group is typically made up of Attorneys, CPAs, Insurance Agents, and other financial advisors. We believe that over the course of one’s life there will be many times when communication between these parties will be critical to having the best plan in place to meet your long-term goals. At Northington Investment Group, we feel that as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, there is no one better suited or qualified to be your Primary Trusted Advisor and lead your financial services team. In fact, most of our clients already had an existing financial advisory relationship when we started working with them. At Northington Investment Group, we are not in the business of breaking up trusted relationships. But, by engaging Northington as a 2nd advisor the following typically takes place:

  • Competition is a beautiful thing when existing relationships must step up their game because they know you are also working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. The service on your account goes from the middle of the book to the top.
  • Some Money Managers never look, stop, or think about Life Insurance Products as solutions to managing risk, wealth, and taxes. We are certified in Life Insurance Planning and have the expertise to close these gaps and help bring your family Insurance financial comfort.
  • Holistic Wealth Planning all under one roof, we believe this helps save our clients time and money.
  • Getting you organized by offering all of our clients their very own website, “WealthVision”, our financial planning, account aggregation tool that updates both assets and liabilities every twenty minutes. So whether you are in Little Rock, Arkansas or New York, New York or London, England you will have Smart Phone access and Internet access to your entire financial world.

Case Studies

Organizational Financial Comfort

At Northington Investment Group, having the most organized clients is the foundation of Financial Comfort at our Firm. Every client at Northington Investment Group receives their very own financial website called WealthVision. Technology is power and when we replace notebooks, Excel spreadsheets, shoe boxes, and provider statements with a one stop account aggregation tool that updates every 20 minutes. We have shifted your wealth management paradigm. WeathVision covers both sides of the balance sheet by giving you a one stop tool for both assets and liabilities. In addition, it allows you to upload some of your most important documents like your Trust and Passports for immediate access anywhere, anytime.

Divorce Financial Comfort

After 14 years of marriage, our client was getting a divorce. The client’s spouse was offering $30,000 of spousal support for 5 years. Our client was agreeable because she felt this amount would meet her needs. We asked our client to prepare a detailed budget. After reviewing the budget, health insurance and the impact of inflation and taxes were not accounted for in her original numbers. After performing a cash flow analysis, we found that our client was going to be out of money in 3 years. We picked up the phone and notified her attorney. Her attorney was able to negotiate additional spousal support based on these calculations and the fact that her husband was able to deduct his support payments.

Estate Financial Comfort

A client was being offered an immediate annuity for income purposes at a local financial institution. We were asked to review what was being offered. Through our intimate financial relationship, we were aware that our client was charitably inclined. We asked him if lifetime income was a desired outcome; how he would feel about helping out his favorite charity, creating a tax deduction for himself, and creating an opportunity to reposition this asset into another investment vehicle without incurring additional taxes. We scheduled a meeting with the client’s estate attorney and CPA and determined that a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust was a better solution for this individual.


These case studies are hypothetical situations based on real life examples. The circumstances have been changed. The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. To determine what strategies may be appropriate for you, consult your financial professional.