What Should You Expect?

At Northington Investment Group, we want you to know exactly what to expect from working with us. We truly believe that having a financial plan puts you in the best possible position to succeed. However, having a plan is not a requirement to do business with us.

Initially, we offer a complimentary, no obligation Financial Comfort consultation where all areas of your current financial position are reviewed. This allows us to determine and advise where our firm can add value. By the end of this initial meeting, which takes about an hour, you have a better understanding of who we are and how we can help. If the comfort level is there for both you and our team then we will move forward with formalizing our partnership and outlining our primary goals of engagement in an Investment Policy Statement.

Once you agree to move forward, we have a simple four-step process for pursuing Financial Comfort:

1. Discovery Understand your goals and explore any shortfalls in achieving them.

2. Recommend We assimilate and propose recommendations to close any shortfalls in working toward the client’s goals.

3. Implement Upon agreement, we implement the recommendations.

4. Review Routinely we review the plan, update for any changes in goals, and address any remaining gaps

During the Recommendation Meeting a communication plan will be agreed upon outlining the frequency and type of communication between you and our team on a go-forward basis.