What Is Financial Comfort?

It’s how we branded our firm, Northington Investment Group. In an industry with a lot of competition and noise, our branding defines who we are, and how we compete and live. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ does all the heavy lifting with numbers. Our branding is how we emotionally connect with our clients and become memorable. We wake up every morning energized and confident because of our branding at Northington Investment Group.

  • It’s getting your entire financial house in order and working diligently to keep it there.
  • It’s setting up office in a house in beautiful Chenal Valley with parking right out front.
  • It’s having a welcome sign in our foyer.
  • It’s about keeping our communications simple with less industry jargon.
  • It’s about getting you organized with your very own website called WealthVision.
  • It’s working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional whose standard of care is a fiduciary standard which must always put your interest first.
  • Its bringing competition and accountability to existing advisory relationships that help bring the service on your account from the middle to the top of the stack.
  • It’s leading with a Financial Plan and an investment policy statement that clearly defines our engagement. Its identifying gaps and developing a plan help close them.
  • It’s about educating clients, empowering them and helping to motivate them to make some decisions they may be facing.
  • It’s working with a husband and wife team who can relate to men, women, couples, children and the financial issues that impact you.

We are focused on delivering a comfortable, trusting client experience within an investment environment that treats people like family and friends. We have built our business on the core values of Trust, Integrity, Competence, and Confidentiality.

We define success on our clients’ terms, one client at a time.