Our Expertise

Insurance Planning

Insurance Financial Comfort at Northington Investment Group is all about managing risk. This ranges from self-insuring to transferring risk to 3rd parties.  Identifying the threat, and creating plans to address and minimize the exposure to the risk is our goal at Northington Investment Group. The IRS code provides unique advantages which allow us to utilize Life Insurance for tax free retirement planning and business planning strategies. We believe our Insurance Planning skills are a major differentiator of Northington Investment Group as compared to other Investment management firms who don’t offer these products.   We demonstrate this everyday by:

  • Offering Current Insurance Policy Reviews to explain what you have evaluate whether it is still a fit for your goals, or is there another solution that solves for your need more efficiently.
  • Insurance Planning is a strong focus of every client’s financial plan at Northington Investment Group. Wealth planning without Risk planning is a recipe for tragic outcomes.
  • In most cases, we feel that Term Life Insurance is the most efficient insurance tool at Northington Investment Group to cover life risk. Whole life can also be used to solve for Life Risk, but is much more expensive and can lead to clients being under insured due to inability to afford additional premiums as needs increase.
  • Long Term Care Solutions that cover the risk of having a major health emergency in retirement. There are various options to consider including self-insuring, Traditional Long Term Care, and Single Premium Asset Based solutions.
  • Life Insurance Retirement Planning (LIRP) providesTax Free Retirement Income based on current IRS Code.
  • Estate Planning Transfer Strategies
  • Small Business Planning Strategies