Client Comfort

Starting a conversation about RISK

At Northington Investment Group, we understand how important it is to manage RISK. It is a key component of every decision we make at our firm. That is exactly why Northington Investment Group utilizes Riskalyze to engineer risk that fits our clients and their portfolios.

What keeps you up at night? Your comfort level is driving 50 mph but your portfolio is invested as if you are driving 75 mph. In an Up Market you won’t feel it, but when the Market declines and your portfolio drops, you will feel financially devastated.

The 3 step solution to help you stay within your comfort zone and stay invested in the Market.

Step 1: Click here to take the Riskalyze Survey to receive your personal RISK Number.

Step 2: Allow Certified Financial PlannerTM, Stephen Northington, to analyze your existing portfolio and determine its Risk Number.

Step 3: We will evaluate how your Risk Number compares to the Risk you are taking in your existing portfolio and if needed, make suggestions as to possible alternatives that better fit your RISK Tolerance.

Our new client facing technology, Riskalyze, is built on the academic framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics. In addition to analyzing Risk, we can stress test your portfolio to analyze the impact of interest rate changes as well as Market downturns.

Get your RISK Number by clicking here or the link at the right to pursue Financial Comfort.