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PlanForComfort: Meet Rachel Pinto, MS, LAC, “Licensed Associate Counselor”

PintoAs a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, at Northington Investment Group, we have committed to living our branding of Financial Comfort here at our firm.   These actions speak louder than words for women who are experiencing the loss of a husband due to death or divorce.  I think Debbie and I are most proud that we are changing the divorce paradigm here in Arkansas.   Think of it like tossing a boulder in a stream that changes the direction on how water flows going forward.  We call it Divorce Financial Comfort, and it starts with forming a divorce team made up of an Attorney, a Therapist, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™.  Today, we visit with our friend Rachel Pinto, MS, LAC licensed therapist with Chenal Family Therapy, PLC. Rachel, welcome to our blog, “PlanForComfort”.

RP: Thanks so much for the opportunity, Stephen!

SN: Rachel: Tell us about your background in counseling?

RP: I received my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from John Brown University in 2012. I have been working with psychotherapy clients both during grad school and afterwards in the private practice setting – individuals, couples and families. And prior to grad school, I worked as a public school teacher and local church minister. So I bring to each counseling session both the clinical knowledge to help my clients, as well as real world experience.

SN: Rachel:  Why is it important to have a therapist on your divorce team?

RP: Regardless of the specifics of a divorce experience, nobody can be prepared on his or her own to navigate such choppy waters. I can’t think of any other experience that can make someone feel so alone and disoriented and, even, untrusting. You need a map reader, and that happens to be something that therapists are really good at.

SN: Rachel:  Share the story behind Passages, your support group for women of divorce?

RP: Going through a divorce is one big journey that contains so many different experiences and emotions. Friends and family are sometimes too close to the experience, and maybe haven’t been through a divorce themselves, and so they don’t really know what to say or what kind of support to offer. One day the divorcee may need to grieve, and then the next day she may feel relief, and then another day she may feel absolutely nothing. This is completely normal, and women need a safe place to be real with other women who are going through the same sorts of experiences. This is why I called the group Passages, because as women travel through divorce, they can support and help each other.

SN: Rachel:  You mention in your recovery group flyer that every person gets a chance to speak her truth.  What does her truth mean?

RP: I love this question. I believe that every person with breath in her lungs deserves to Speak, and To Be Heard. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, the “offended” party or the “offending” party, or (more likely) a little bit of both…you are always, always, always worthy of respect and kindness. Furthermore, you still deserve a wonderful, fulfilling life. I want to help women find their voice again, and even, use their voice in a way that maybe they never have.

SN: Rachel, I bet there is someone that will be reading this blog post that is thinking about, in the middle of or coming out of Divorce.  What are one or two pieces of advice you would share with them that will help them prepare emotionally for this journey?

RP: First off, you absolutely need one or two safe places. To process, to grieve, to learn, or just to BE. I’d be honored if my support group became one of those places for you. And secondly, you need some trusted advisors who have navigated these waters before – personally, professionally, or both. Stephen, this is why I love what you guys do so much. In our face-to-face meetings, I have experienced you and Debbie to be a wonderful mix of professionally knowledgeable and personally approachable. You guys are “financial map readers,” and I’m excited to think about all the people you will help. And if I could give a third piece of advice to those reading this post, I would say unequivocally, do not neglect self-care. Now more than ever, you need good food, rest, and time to recharge – whatever that is for you.

I would like to thank Rachael for speaking into the hearts and minds of our readers and bringing comfort to them wherever they may be on this journey. You may reach Rachael at 501.781.2230 x2 or by visiting her website at Rachael will be launching her next Passages group meeting January 21, 2015. Please contact her for more information.

To learn more about Northington Investment Group please go to our website at Or if we can assist you in any way, contact us at or call me at 501.993.0167 to set up a comfort meeting.

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