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PlanForComfort: Meet Nicole “Cole” Marcorelle, “Wrangler”, Beaver Creek Stables

ColeAs the Northington family planned for their summer vacation this year, we dreamed again of heading west to experience the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Beaver Creek, CO.  It was there that our family met up with Wrangler, Cole Marcorelle at Beaver Creek Stables in Beaver Creek, CO.

Northington: Cole, welcome to our blog, “PlanForComfort, You are living our dream working in beautiful Beaver Creek, CO.  Share your background with our readers and your decision to head west.

Cole:  I come from an affluent East Coast town, and it is true that most of my peers went to some of the best schools in the country.  My parents pretty much told me that I could attend any school that I got into. I chose Salve Regina, a small Catholic University located on the ocean in picturesque Newport, RI.  I always knew I wasn’t a “desk job” kind of girl, so I followed my passion for art and completed my four year degree.  I majored in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design, but I soon realized when I graduated in 2007 that the poor economy was really hitting art jobs hard.  So that’s when I decided there was no sense in subjecting myself to the continuous rejection that was the Boston job market any longer.  Instead, I found an alternative solution that actually suited me better than I could ever of imagined.  Like many people out there, it was not the plan to stay in Colorado for 7 years, but with good food, a roof over my head and a happy lifestyle why couldn’t it fill the bill for a “life”?

Northington: Your job title is “Wrangler”, at Beaver Creek Stables but in my opinion what your really do is give clients like the Northington family an experience of a lifetime.  Horseback riding on what has to be one of the most beautiful horse trails in the United States.  Cole, what do you enjoy most about what you do for a living?

Cole:  There is no doubt in my mind why I initially took a position as a Wrangler 7 years ago but to my surprise it turned out to be so much more. I started riding at 10 years old and by the end of the first lesson I knew that my happy place would be around horses.  It seemed like an obvious choice to spend all day in the presence of 88 of these amazing animals.  The list of perks in addition to being in my happy place goes on forever.  Being able to work outside in the mountains, constantly staying active, meeting new people from around the world, having coworkers that share the same passion and best of all never looking at the clock  wondering when my day will be over.  I also have time to do other things that I am passionate about, like making jewelry .  I actually have a side business selling my pieces of jewelry on Etsy, which is a great way to feed my creative side and also make a little extra money.

Northington:  Share a horse story with our tribe that will have us grinning ear to ear

Cole: Did you know horse’s have friends?  We have observed many friendships over the years in our herd, but the most obvious is between two horses named Poco and Magoo.  Now it’s definitely clear that Magoo has much stronger feelings for Poco, than Poco does for Magoo, but it’s still an undeniable friendship.  When Poco leaves the corral Magoo will call for him incessantly, making sure to check each group coming back into the gate to see if Poco has returned.

Northington:  Cole, a lot of women will be reading this blog post when it hits our blog post on our website  What would you share with the Mom’s and Dad’s out there who have daughters like Cole Marcorelle who have the courage to live life on their terms?

Cole:  My parents have always been amazingly supportive of my life choices, from majoring in Art to moving out to Colorado.  Their support means the world to me, and in return I know my happiness means the world to them.  As long as your children are doing what they love they will be great at it and if they are great at it then they will be successful!

Thank you Northington family for allowing me to share my story and passion to your readers, it’s such an honor

Your welcome Cole, thank you for sharing your story with us at Northington Investment Group.  We are very blessed to have crossed paths with Cole my wish as a father of a daughter is that I have the same courage Coles father and mother had in allowing her to follow her dreams.  For that reason and more Cole, you touched our family that summer day in Beaver Creek.

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