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PlanForComfort: Falling Creek Camp , A Christian Camp for Boys

brother It’s with great pleasure to introduce my Kappa Alpha fraternity brother Yates Pharr. We attended Appalachian State University together back in the late 1980”s. Yates and his wife Marisa own and operate FallingCreek, a Christian camp for boys located on 545 acres of private mountaintop acres near Tuxedo, North Carolina.  In a recent Time magazine article the camp ( was described as “ A Trip to Boy Heaven”.   Let’s sit down with Yates and learn how his camp is investing in boys.

Northington:   A big Woo Pig Sooie from the heart of Arkansas Razorback territory. Tell our readers about your camp nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina?

Pharr: Thanks Stephen, we feel blessed to be able to serve as Directors of FCC. It’s a place that provides a unique opportunity for physical, spiritual, and social growth.

Northington: As I read through your website, I couldn’t help but notice the Falling Creek Code? What is it and how does it impact the boys that attend your summer camps?

Pharr: The Falling Creek Code ( )represents strong positive character traits that families already build in their sons, but it’s summarized in a way that is easily remembered so we can serve as a compliment to their families goals and values.thP9463PKJ

Northington:   The decision to leave your successful Commercial Real Estate career and purchase this camp back in 2005 had to be a defining moment in your and Marisa’s life. Take us back to that time and share that experience?

Pharr: You’re right Stephen that it was a turning point in our familiescareer, but one that we knew was perfect for us. I guess you could say that I had a tremendous opportunity to work with community from a bricks and mortar perspective in Commercial real estate development, but now am involved in building community from the family perspective, something I really enjoy being a part of.

Northington: As an Eagle Scout, I know you have spent your share of time outdoors and continue to do so today. As boys attend your camp without technology distractions, what do you observe?

Pharr: Great question. The boys and staff immediately get involved with games and adventurous activities and amazingly don’t miss the technology.:

Northington: At Northington Investment Group, we love to educate our followers and clients. How can we as parents encourage our boys to get back to more traditional boyhood activities?

Pharr: There are lots of ways to do this Stephen. Getting involved in activities that they enjoy outside or away from the technologies at home at an early age is a good idea. Modeling this as parents is key. One hurdle that seems to be different today is that the boys don’t seem to travel too far out of visual or ear shot when they play because we as parents are more uncomfortable with this than our parents were raising us. Some of this reason is that riding a bike on roads today is more dangerous with the high traffic streets that didn’t exist as much in our days as a young boy. We need to establish guidelines for what is considered safe play and then trust them to have fun on their own, away from parents view or earshot. This does not mean to be unsafe, but to allow structured freedom.

thI would like to thank Yates Pharr for sharing his story and how he and his wife Marissa are impacting boys live’s at falling creek in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Falling Creek Camp is a traditional boys camp for the summer founded on Christian values. To learn more go to or call them at (828) 692-0262. To learn more about our firm Northington, visit us at or call me at (501) 993-0167.

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