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PlanForComfort: College Freshman, A Mother/Daughter’s Story…


Bowersock1At Northington Investment Group, I often remind myself that people may forget what you say but they never forget how you make them feel. The love that a Mom shares with her daughter is special and memorable.  And that is how I would describe the relationship between Lynette and Taylor.

Taylor, will be attending a major University here in the South. I’m so excited that these two beautiful ladies have allowed me to tell their story.  A story based on love and a family transitioning as a young lady heads off to build her dreams as a college freshman.

I bet it’s been a fast 18 years, how would you describe what you are feeling as you get ready to send your daughter into the next chapter of her life?  

LB: There are so many emotions right now. I am so excited for her to be going to college, to see what she will experience and to grow into the woman she ultimately will become.  I am already so proud of all that she has accomplished, but at the same time I am also very sad, and this comes from a selfish part of me.  During high school, especially her senior year, she was gone a lot, working, hanging out with her friends, etc.  But I knew that every night I could go upstairs, even if it was for five minutes and talk, laugh or give that kiss on the cheek.  I will miss that the most.

Taylor,   the big day is right around the corner for you. What is going through your mind as you approach your freshman year in college? How emotional will move out day be for you and each member of your family? 

TB As I enter my freshman year, I am both nervous and a little scared about living away from my parents for the first time. I am the first to leave for college, so I know my parents are going to be both nervous and excited for me.  I know I am going to miss them a lot, even my brother, Jackson. 

Lynette, You and Taylor have a wonderful Mother and Daughter relationship, what are you going to miss most about having her at home? 

LB I will miss just being with her every day. I wanted her to be with her friends and have fun, but every day we would find time to be together for a few minutes.  Looking back, I realize how much I loved helping her decide on an outfit or helping her find something she misplaced.  But, my most favorite times with Taylor were when she was going to bed I would lay with her and we would visit about nothing or everything.  We would laugh so hard we would cry and I would get to give that beautiful face a kiss goodnight.  Those are the interactions I will always remember and treasure.  

Lynette, what advice would you give to parents out there who have kids in Elementary, Middle, & High School to help them prepare for this journey the Bowersock family is getting ready to experience in August?

LB   My advice would be to just continue to love them unconditionally. Listen to them and understand their point of view and how they are feeling about being on their own for the first time. As a parent, we feel they should do things a certain way but they have to learn the hard way by experience.  We can give advice and they have the option to take our advice or do what they think is best.  But whether they initially fail or succeed, it is important to just be there even if it is mainly just a shoulder for them to cry on.  I told Taylor I will always trust her and believe in her, but the minute you break my trust you will have to earn it back.  Paul and I were very lucky with Taylor in that she almost always did the right thing and we never worried when she left the house.  I think starting with that trust is important in building a strong relationship that will last long after they graduate.

My final question is for both Taylor and Lynette, as each of you close your eyes and go to sleep the night of moving day, what will you be most thankful for from this experience?

TB   I am thankful that I have such a supportive family that will always be behind me and helping me with any problem or challenge that I will face. I know that whatever happens I can count on my Mom, Dad and brother to be there for me and that is important. 

LB I am most thankful for so many great memories Taylor and I have together.  We truly have had the best time together these past 18 years.  Taylor is a great girl with a big heart and a strong sense of what is right and wrong.  I loved being around her.  I know that I will always be her mother, but as she gets older and matures I look forward to being one of her best friends.

Northington Investment Group is inspired by sharing stories about families like the Bowersock’s who are making a life transition by sending their daughter to College this year.   I don’t know about you but, the Northington family learned from this interview a lot about unconditional love and the simplest moments in life and can be some of the best and most memorable.

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