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PlanForComfort: Planning for the Future — What Motivates You?

The truth is there is ample motivation to make the most of retirement planning opportunities.

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PlanForComfort: Will Your Money Last? Risks to Retirement Income

While most people look forward to living a long life, they also want to make sure their longevity is supported by a comfortable financial cushion. As the average life span has steadily lengthened due to advances in medicine and sanitation, the chance of prematurely depleting one’s retirement assets has become a matter of great concern

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PlanForComfort: SAVVY Magazine, ” Femme Finance: Taking Control of Your Financial Future”.

To gain control over finances, every woman needs to stop taking the POLR, or path of least resistance. So, what does this look like in real life? If you are leaving all of the long-term financial investment decisions for the household to your husband you are doing yourself a disservice and setting yourself up for catastrophic failure, fear, anxiety and risk.

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PlanForComfort: Social Security and You

Continue working and delay the receipt of benefits, and get a bonus for each year of work past normal retirement age, up to age 70. “Delayed retirement credits” currently amount to 8% in order to encourage later retirement.

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PlanForComfort: Falling Creek Camp , A Christian Camp for Boys

Getting involved in activities that they enjoy outside or away from the technologies at home at an early age is a good idea. Modeling this as parents is key.

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PlanForComfort: Retirement Yours, Mine, and Ours — A Couple’s Guide to Planning

For couples in or near retirement, an equally important part of the planning process is determining when and how to withdraw money from retirement accounts.

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PlanForComfort: Long-term Care Insurance: Understand Your Options Before You Buy

For the most part, those who need long-term care are left to foot the bill on their own. Neither Medicare, nor Medicare supplemental coverage, also known as Medigapinsurance, nor standard health insurance policies fully cover long-term care. That leaves most of us with two options when faced with such expenses: pay out-of-pocket or rely on private long-term care insurance.

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PlanForComfort: Meet Rachel Pinto, MS, LAC, “Licensed Associate Counselor”

Regardless of the specifics of a divorce experience, nobody can be prepared on his or her own to navigate such choppy waters

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PlanForComfort: Meet Nicole “Cole” Marcorelle, “Wrangler”, Beaver Creek Stables

As long as your children are doing what they love they will be great at it and if they are great at it then they will be successful!

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PlanForComfort: Will Your Money Last? Risks to Retirement Income

When you take this big-picture view, consider the five major challenges most retirees face: the potential for outliving one’s assets; the threat of rising living costs; the impact of increasing health care costs; uncertainty about the future level of Social Security benefits; and the damage to long-term financial security that can be caused by excessive withdrawals in the early years of retirement

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