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PlanForComfort: Are You Prepared to Retire?

Whatever “retirement” means to you, you’ll need to design a financial plan suited to your specific vision of the future.

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PlanForComfort: Preventing Identity Theft

You want to be on the lookout for phishing scams, particularly those that appear to come from a credit card company, bank, retailer, or anyone else you do business with

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PlanForComfort: A Spotlight On Special Needs Trusts

For families caring for a child with special needs, financial and estate planning must go beyond traditional goals to include providing for the child’s current and future well-being.

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PlanForComfort: Financial Review CheckList

You don’t need to wait until the beginning or the end of the year for a financial review, especially if your investment mix, risk tolerance, or time horizon has changed recently. When meeting with your financial advisor, consider whether the following areas of your life are on track. Retirement Planning — Have you determined approximately […]

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PlanForComfort: Retirement Planning Tips for Fifty-Somethings

Don’t give up. Many pre-retirees falsely believe that there is nothing they can do to build retirement assets, and as a result, do nothing. Remember that you control how much you invest, and in many areas, how much you spend. Make a plan — and stick with it.

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PlanForComfort: Planning Your Required Distributions

Planning for RMDs is complex. Before beginning your distributions, you may want to consult the financial institution where your assets are housed, your financial advisor, and your tax advisor to make sure that your planning efforts are successful.

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Riskalyze Software Creates Financial Risk “Fingerprint”

  Riskalyze Software Creates Financial Risk “Fingerprint” Northington Investment Group Unveils System to Identify Individual Risk Tolerance   Little Rock, Arkansas – In the amount of time it takes to fill out a Buzzfeed quiz, you could determine your investment risk tolerance. And while it’s fun to find out which Gilligan’s Island character you are […]

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PlanForComfort: Meet Paul Rainwater, Custom Clothier & Proud Father of Four

I try to live and teach others a concept of being a total person, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

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PlanForComfort: Understanding Medicare: Parts A, B, C, and D

Perhaps the best way to grasp the program’s details is to review the major components of the Medicare program: Parts A, B, C, and D.

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PlanForComfort: Get Organized, Get Simplified, Get Styled

The first step in helping a client get organized is identifying the problem. For some it is stuff. For others it is lack of a planning system. For others it is an overbooked calendar. For many it is all of the above.

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