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PlanForComfort: Does Your Portfolio Reflect Your Risk Tolerance?

When it comes to investing, many people associate risk with losing money. But investing entails different types of risk. Understanding each type — and the potential return associated with your retirement portfolio — can help you determine whether your investments are appropriate for your situation. Examining Risk and Return Stocks historically have exhibited the highest level […]

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Planforcomfort: Is Long-Term Care Insurance a Good Idea?

When deciding whether or not to buy long-term care insurance, consider the potential cost of care, the cost of insurance premiums, and the coverage provided.

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PlanForComfort: 401(k) Decisions — You Can Take It With You

*If you’re age 55 or older and separate from service, the 10% additional tax may not apply for certain periodic withdrawals taken from an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Keep in If you are preparing to change jobs, do you know what your choices are for managing the money in your current employer’s retirement plan? Although many people choose to take a cash distribution, there are other options that may benefit you more.

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PlanForComfort: Proper Financial Planning: Critical for Women

Many women take time off for caregiving responsibilities, and during these years they may not add to their retirement portfolio.

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PlanForComfort: Naming Beneficiaries: What You Need to Know

Naming beneficiaries is a complex matter that requires a great deal of forethought to help ensure that your decisions are in concert with your financial and estate planning goals. A qualified financial professional can assist you in reviewing your beneficiary designation and help you make choices that are appropriate for your situation.

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PlanForComfort: Can I Sell a Life Insurance Policy and Receive a Payment?

A terminally ill person can sells his or her policy to a viatical settlement company in return for a lump-sum payment.

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FinancialComfort: I’m Changing Jobs. What Should I Do With the Money in My Plan?

The money you accumulate through an employer’s plan may become a primary source of income after you retire, so how you manage it today could have a big effect on your financial situation in the future.

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PlanForComfort: WHEN YOU’RE THE ‘ONE’

The one incident that could change your entire future   Whenever you read about important topics like long-term care, health care or retirement, you’re likely inundated with facts and numbers. The cost of care, the likelihood you’ll experience various diseases, how much you’ll need in retirement to live and pay for care — these are […]

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PlanForComfort: 401(k) Decisions — You Can Take It With You

If you plan to change jobs, don’t just take the money and run. Since rules vary from company to company, find the time to explore your alternatives. If you have specific questions about your retirement plan distribution options, contact your employer’s benefits coordinator or a qualified financial consultant.

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PlanForComfort: Financial Planning for Unmarried Domestic Partners

Only 26% of American households are composed of married couples with dependent children, according to the latest U.S. Census. That number has dropped significantly: In 1970, 40% of households fit in that category.1 Meanwhile, over the past 40 years, the number of unmarried couple households has increased by a factor of four, to over 6% of the population

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