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Living our brand, “Financial Comfort” at Northington Investment Group


At Northington Investment Group, we have created a strong branding message that helps tell our story and distinguishes our Wealth Planning Firm from all market place clutter.  By engaging Shawn Solloway and his firm Exit Marketing, we have a brand that we don’t just talk about, but we are starting to live.

What is Financial Comfort?

We recognize everyone defines financial comfort a little differently. It’s a state of mind that our company hopes to bring to all our clients who engage our services. When asked, “What does your company do?”  We answer that question by saying, “ We bring financial comfort to affluent families/Singles & businesses here in Arkansas and across the United States.  Our industry is proud of its sophistication, but I find it an obstacle to building financial intimacy.  We keep it simple at Northington.

Peeling back the layers of Comfort: 

Comfort is:  Working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, the highest professional designation level in the industry who has been trained to look at finance holistically with a deeper and broader knowledge level.  Less, one dimensional, and positioned to solve many needs.

Comfort is:  Saving our clients time & money by offering certified advice on topics such as Estate planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Wealth Mgt, Risk Mgt, & Financial organization all under one roof.

Comfort is:  is working with a primary trusted advisor who is a qualified to lead existing advisor relationships to make them stronger and accountable.  This helps answer questions such as does your Estate planning document transfer your assets in the most efficient manner or is that Annuity my bank just sold me the most tax efficient strategy?

Comfort is: Creating a financial plan that helps you see the big picture and set long and short-term life goals, a crucial step in mapping out your financial future. Stress testing your plan with “What If” analysis and closing gaps with proven strategies.

Comfort is:   working with an advisor that understands the unique differences in how women & men communicate.  In-relationship planning does just that.  We don’t just build stronger plans, we’re helping build stronger marriages.

Comfort is:  Having your own personal website that pulls your entire financial world together with one log on.  An electronic vault that stores copies of important documents and access to your financial world whether you are in Little Rock or on business in New York City.

Comfort is:  The ability to set account alerts that will email you with reminders when your college student balance reaches a certain level or when you passport is set to expire.

Having a clear branding message feels right.  Living it every day feels even better.  A small sign inside the entrance of our business on Cantrell probably says it best.  Welcome:  Chenal Valley Family to Financial Comfort!  We are Northington Investment Group.  You may contact us at or call me at 501.993.0167.   You’re going to love us!