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How to Financially Navigate Your Divorce

I think most of us would agree that you only get one chance to get your financial settlement right. Once the divorce decree is signed by the judge the divorce is final. What is reality in today’s Divorce market? We believe every client should seek confident legal advice from a qualified family law attorney. One may argue is that same legal professional the most qualified to provide you certified financial advice?

At Northington, we believe there is a better way! As s Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ in Central Arkansas. We have been certified on the financial issues of divorce from the Institute Of Divorce Financial Analyst. We work with clients that want to know for sure they are going to be ok not just today, but 3, 5, 10 years down the road. Our firm sees divorce settlements that look fair today but when forecasted  over time they may  crash and burn. When looking at a proposed divorce settlement, we sit down with our clients and show them the numbers. When a client can see a forecast that shows cash flow & net worth projected over time this brings them peace of mind.  This gives the client  confidence to move forward with their life.  Can’t you see it?  A firm that brings you financial comfort when you need it the most!

The advice I would give anyone walking down this path or considering divorce is to get educated   We encourage our clients to explore alternative dispute resolution options such Mediation & Collaborative when possible to help keep the core family communication intact.  It is often these alternatives that give Mom & Dad communication skills that pay huge dividends for the kids post divorce.  We had a client describe the divorce process like being in a dark room with no light and every door locked.  Having a divorce financial expert grab their hand and offer them a flash light is a great analogy of what a relationship with our firm can look like.  If we are describing you today, and you are sitting in a dark room.  Here is your flashlight.


1. Get organized: Divorce is document heavy process.
2. Build a budget: Date of separation & post divorce
3. Hire an Attorney: Interview 2 to 3
4. Hire a Financial Expert: Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™
5. Hire a Mental Health Professional:

I’m Stephen Northington,  CDFA™ professional here in Chenal Valley,


IF:  you would rather spend your time focused on your children instead of your finances

IF:  you would like to level the playing field with a spouse who is the primary earner or has higher financial IQ

IF:  you desire a fair and equitable divorce settlement that can help work toward keeping you out of court

IF:  you want a firm who can catch financial errors in divorce

IF:   you desire comfort knowing that your  settlement answers the number one question. Am I going to be financially ok?

IF:   you desire to work with a firm that will hold your hand through the divorce process and be there post divorce


We may be able to bring financial comfort to your family. Contact me at or by phone at 501.993.0167.