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An Introduction to Dr. Courtney Larson, D.C. – Associate Doctor, The Natural State Health Center





At a recent gathering, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Courtney Larson speak about the 5 essentials of good health.  Dr. Larson is a licensed Maximized Living Chiropractor located right here in Little Rock, AR.  I couldn’t help but connect how our two businesses are similar. We both focus holistically in our areas of expertise.  At Natural State Health Center, in addition to spinal health, Dr. Larson focuses holistically on the 5 essentials of good health.

  • Max Mind
  • Max Nerve Supply
  • Max Quality Nutrition
  • Max Oxygen & Lean Muscle
  • Min Toxins

At Northington Investment Group, we also work holistically, the 5 areas of financial planning.

  • Max Organization
  • Max Wealth
  • Min Tax
  • Min Risk
  • Max Retirement

Dr. Courtney Larson is part of the practice Natural State Health Center located right down the road from Northington Investment Group at 12911 Cantrell Road, Suite 4, Little Rock, AR 72223.  It was my pleasure to sit down with Dr. Larson to learn more about this Total Health perspective at Natural State Health Center.

Where are you from and why did you choose to set up business in Little Rock, Arkansas?

DR.CL: I was born and raised outside of La Crosse, Wisconsin.  I had an adventurous spirit after graduating high school, so I moved to different states and cultures for undergrad, graduate school, and two post-doctorate training programs.  I have lived in Des Moines, IA, Minneapolis, MN, Denver, CO, and Chicago, IL all prior to starting practice here in Little Rock.  I initially came to Little Rock to visit a friend. I completely fell in love with the city, the people, and culture. I ended up moving to Little Rock a month after my visit. I knew this was where God wanted me.

Why is it important for your practice to treat your patients holistically through what you call the 5 Essentials of Good Health?

DR.CL:  Addressing all health concerns by looking at the body as a whole is vital.  The body all works and functions together.  As a health care provider, I can’t expect to ever get someone truly healthy and well if they are living a life full of toxic emotions or stress, poor nutrition, and inactivity.  It’s only through these 5 Essentials that I saw my own health transform.   I would never give my patients different advice than what I do every day for myself and my family.  The 5 Essentials are about getting back to the basics about how our bodies were designed to function, move and eat.

We only get one of them, Let’s talk about our spine. Share with our platform, why our spine is so important to good long term health outcomes?

DR. CL:  Educating people on good spinal health is why I wake up every morning.  This is the one aspect of health that is most neglected in our culture.  The human body was not designed to sit in front of computer or in the car all day.  The current culture in the United States does not set us up for success in health.  Between technology like phones and tablets, children carrying heavy backpacks, poor posture, and traumas from sports or car wrecks, it is no wonder so many people have spinal complaints.  As a chiropractor, any time I am evaluating one’s spine in the office, it’s never because we’re concerned with the actual bones.  The reason we focus on the spine is because God designed the spine to protect the most vital system in our body: the nervous system.  The nervous system controls every single function in our body every second of the day.  The dangerous part of spinal problems is that when the spine gets out of alignment, instead of protecting the nervous system, the spine will actually put pressure on the nervous system causing not only pain but more importantly the body to function abnormally, including organs and muscles.  Most people have no idea that their health issues are actually a nerve problem stemming from a misaligned spine.  And like you stated Stephen, we only get one of them so we have to take care of it.  A lot of people relate spinal problems to teeth.  Misalignments are like cavities- symptoms show up once the problem has been there for some time.  And when left there, they get worse every day.  Unfortunately there are no root canals or replacements for the spine.

I understand you love the outdoors and like to hike in your spare time.  Maximized mind, reducing stress is so important.  How do you practice what you teach in your own life? 

DR. CL:  There is a reason that Maximized Mind is our first essential. Stress has a profound impact on our health.  For me any activity outdoors like hiking, cycling, golfing or running helps me to distress.  Spending time in nature and appreciating God’s amazing creation is the most helpful way for me to put my stressors in perspective and have my quality quiet time.  I recommend every person to find that one place or activity to help them replenish and refuel.  Even if it is only a half hour every week, you’ll begin to notice the profound impact that has on your energy levels, productivity, stress levels, and outlook on life.

Dr. Courtney Larson, I love educating our platform.  Share with our readers 2 or 3 best practices under the umbrella of maximizing health that can help motivate them to make some decisions in their life.

DR. CL: The number one thing I would recommend for people is that if you’re having a health issue like back pain, headaches, neck pain, numbness/tingling, digestive issues, allergies, etc to get it checked by a chiropractor.  These symptoms are warning signs fromyour body trying to tell you something is wrong.  There is no such thing as normal pain or normal headaches. The only way you can have pain for more than a few days or weeks is that it is caused by a nerve issue.  Covering up a symptom with a medication is very common in our culture, but if you continue to cover up symptom and it keeps coming back, it means there is something else going on in your body that hasn’t been addressed. Your body is trying to get your attention.Maintaining a healthy spine is vital to long-term health.

The second thing is don’t wait until you lose your health or get a positive diagnosis before you realize how valuable your health is.  The most common diseases in the United States are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  All of these take years to develop and are caused 98% by lifestyle choices, not your genes.  I am a firm believer that if you can lifestyle yourself into a disease, you can also lifestyle yourself out of it. We see patients every week in the office reverse chronic illnesses that most people think they have to suffer with the rest of their life.  The sad reality is that most people don’t put time, effort, or money toward their health until they lose it.  All too often we meet people who spent nearly their entire life destroying their health with poor choices then get a diagnosis of cancer or heart disease.  They spend their life savings trying to get their health back, but at that point it is more expensive and time consuming.  Investing in your health today with quality food, supplements, exercise, and visiting a chiropractor is so much easier and less expensive than paying for diseases and medications once a problem shows up later in life.

What a great interview with my friend, Chiropractor,  Dr. Courtney Larson.  The importance of holistic planning in personal health and personal wealth should not be underestimated.  Working with a professional who understands the big picture and can put you on a personal plan of good health and wealth just makes sense.   Get educated, get empowered at Northington Investment Group. You may contact us and experience financial comfort at, Phone: 501 993 0167,

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