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Is Your Broker Up To Standard?

There has never been a time in our history, post Madoff, that protecting yourself and your family with a higher Fiduciary legal standard makes sense. A legal standard that has a much higher threshold as compared to the broker standard of Suitability.

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Living our brand, “Financial Comfort” at Northington Investment Group

We recognize everyone defines financial comfort a little differently. It’s a state of mind that our company hopes to bring to all our clients who engage our services

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Asset Protection for Women: Beyond Insurance

Asset protection planning is the process of arranging your financial affairs to prevent or at least minimize the risk of your assets being used to satisfy claims of future creditors or claimants.

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How Women Are Different from Men, Financially Speaking

Women are the key to their own financial futures–it’s critical that women educate themselves about finances and be able to make financial decisions.

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Just How Risky Is Your Portfolio?

If you’re like most people, you probably evaluate your portfolio in terms of its return. However, return isn’t the only factor you should consider; also important is the amount of risk you take in pursuing those returns.

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Women: Moving Forward Financially after the Loss of a Spouse

Becoming a widow at any age can be one of the most difficult challenges a woman must face. Not only is there the emotional loss of a husband, but also the task of handling everything–including all the finances–without the help of a spouse. Even if you’ve always handled your family’s finances, the number of financial and legal matters that have to be settled in the weeks and months following your loved one’s death can be overwhelming.

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A Retirement Income Roadmap for Women

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to retirement income planning. A financial professional can review your circumstances, help you sort through your options, and help develop a plan that’s right for you.

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Adjusting to Life Financially after a Divorce

In addition to the emotional impact a divorce can have, it’s important to be aware of how your financial position will be impacted.

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Just How Risky Is Your Portfolio?

One of the most common measures of volatility is standard deviation, which gauges the degree of an investment’s up-and-down moves over a period of time

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Annuities and Retirement Planning

An annuity can often be a great addition to your retirement portfolio

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