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Will The Fed Cut Rates With Stocks At All Time Highs?

We continue to expect a 25 basis point cut and don’t anticipate a 50 basis point (.50%) cut, as we discussed in more detail in The Deep Rate Cut Debate.

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Ageism? As Soon As 40?

You may feel the financial impact of age discrimination in the workplace

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Save and Invest Without Even Thinking About It

Automate your retirement planning and wealth-building approach.

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Covering The Costs Associated With Alzheimer’s Disease

No one likes to talk about death, but and end-of-life plan is as necessary as it is difficult.

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The Rise of the Fee-Based Financial Advisor

Stephen Northington, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, A future ready firm certainly is one that has or does most of their business as a fee bassed professional

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PlanForComfort: Naming Beneficiaries: What You Need to Know

Naming beneficiaries is a complex matter that requires a great deal of forethought to help ensure that your decisions are in concert with your financial and estate planning goals. A qualified financial professional can assist you in reviewing your beneficiary designation and help you make choices that are appropriate for your situation.

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PlanForComfort: WHEN YOU’RE THE ‘ONE’

The one incident that could change your entire future   Whenever you read about important topics like long-term care, health care or retirement, you’re likely inundated with facts and numbers. The cost of care, the likelihood you’ll experience various diseases, how much you’ll need in retirement to live and pay for care — these are […]

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PlanForComfort: Financial Planning for Unmarried Domestic Partners

Only 26% of American households are composed of married couples with dependent children, according to the latest U.S. Census. That number has dropped significantly: In 1970, 40% of households fit in that category.1 Meanwhile, over the past 40 years, the number of unmarried couple households has increased by a factor of four, to over 6% of the population

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PlanForComfort: Evaluating Professional Advice: 11 Questions to Answer Before You Commit

Obtaining professional advice is a significant step and should not be approached lightly. As with investors and their objectives and constraints, professional advisors also differ in their philosophy, processes, services, education, experience, and their ability to add value. Professional advisors work in many fields and hold various titles, such as investment advisor, financial planner, accountant, […]

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PlanForComfort-The 10 Cornerstone Principles of Asset Allocation

There are 10 principles for establishing and maintaining an optimal asset allocation. With them, you can build an appropriate portfolio for your situation.

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