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PlanForComfort: What Is a Health Care Proxy?

This article describes health care proxies and why they are an important part of any estate plan.

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Financial Comfort: Protect Your Assets With a Trust

Generally speaking, most people use trusts to help maintain control of assets while they’re alive and medically competent, as well as indirectly maintain control of the disposition of assets if they’re medically unable to do so or in the event of death.

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The Selection Of A Trustee, the most important decision…

You worked your entire life to build your legacy. How important is it to you to protect it and transition it to the next generation smoothly

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Inheriting an IRA–What You Need to Know

Qualified distributions to a beneficiary from an inherited Roth IRA are free from federal income taxes. To be qualified, the distribution must be made after a five-year holding period. The five-year period begins on January 1 of the year the deceased IRA owner first established any Roth IRA, and ends after five full calendar years. If you take a distribution from an inherited Roth IRA before this five-year period ends, any earnings you receive will be nonqualified, and will be subject to federal income taxes (earnings generally come out last).

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Women: Moving Forward Financially after the Loss of a Spouse

Becoming a widow at any age can be one of the most difficult challenges a woman must face. Not only is there the emotional loss of a husband, but also the task of handling everything–including all the finances–without the help of a spouse. Even if you’ve always handled your family’s finances, the number of financial and legal matters that have to be settled in the weeks and months following your loved one’s death can be overwhelming.

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Speculating on the Future of the Federal Estate Tax

Congress could enact estate tax reform. Many believe that permanent and comprehensive estate tax reform is needed. However, the political landscape is probably not currently amenable to this option.

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Women and Estate Planning

Because women often find themselves in such different circumstances than men, it is even more crucial for them to educate themselves about estate planning, investment planning, and asset protection planning.

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Wills–The Cornerstone of Your Estate Plan

If you care about what happens to your money, home, and other property after you die, you need to do some estate planning.

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Using Trusts as Estate Planning Tools

Trust law is complex and establishing a trust requires the services of an experienced attorney, mastering the basics isn’t hard.

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Special Needs Trust Part II

The laws governing trust are complex and vary from state to state. The selection of your Estate Attorney is the key first step in the process.

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