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How Do I Research Financial Advisor’s and Advisory Firms?

Welcome to our Northington Blog, I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™  Professional, my name is  Stephen Northington.  Educating the consumer is a Northington mantra and there is never more important time for Americans to understand the tools and resources to research their advisor and or advisory firm.  Today, I am sharing two really good resources that can […]

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Certified Financial Planner: An Introduction to Mr. Clay Glasgow, C.P.A. JPMS Cox, PLLC, “Lets Talk Small Business Planning”.

The less risk a potential buyer perceives in a business, the more they will be willing to pay.

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The Number One Diet Recommended by Harvard and Hollywood: by Julia Sampton M.D.

There is substantial evidence that those who follow the Mediterranean diet retain brain power as they age. Remember all those brain cells you lost in college? This diet also helps you reduce brain shrinkage and retain brain cells

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PlanForComfort: The Estate What, Who, How Plan

Regardless of marital status or net worth, women and men should make important decisions and arrangements today in order to protect themselves, their husbands or partners, and other loved ones in case of incapacity or death. To create an estate plan, women need to have at least a working knowledge of the estate planning tools that are […]

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PlanForComfort: How Well Do You Know Your 401K?

The old saying “knowledge is power” applies to many situations in life, including retirement planning. The more you know about the benefits your plan offers, the more likely you’ll be to make the most of them and come out ahead financially when it’s time to retire. Here are some questions to test your knowledge about […]

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PlanForComfort: Is Long-Term Care Insurance a Good Idea?

There is a good possibility that you or your spouse will eventually require some form of long-term care. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, about 70% of people aged 65 or older will enter a nursing home for some period of time during their lifetimes.1 Whether you or your spouse will be […]

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PlanForComfort: Risk Comfort Zone

In the world of investing, risk is nearly unavoidable. Some investments are riskier than others, but while they may be more risky, they may also have the potential for higher reward. Likewise, some investors are willing to take on more risk than others to achieve their financial goals. How comfortable are you with risk? The […]

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PlanForComfort: Does Your Portfolio Reflect Your Risk Tolerance?

When it comes to investing, many people associate risk with losing money. But investing entails different types of risk. Understanding each type — and the potential return associated with your retirement portfolio — can help you determine whether your investments are appropriate for your situation. Examining Risk and Return Stocks historically have exhibited the highest level […]

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Planforcomfort: Is Long-Term Care Insurance a Good Idea?

When deciding whether or not to buy long-term care insurance, consider the potential cost of care, the cost of insurance premiums, and the coverage provided.

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PlanForComfort: 401(k) Decisions — You Can Take It With You

*If you’re age 55 or older and separate from service, the 10% additional tax may not apply for certain periodic withdrawals taken from an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Keep in If you are preparing to change jobs, do you know what your choices are for managing the money in your current employer’s retirement plan? Although many people choose to take a cash distribution, there are other options that may benefit you more.

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