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PlanForComfort: What is a Health Care Proxy?

A health care proxy allows you to designate a person who can make medical decisions for you in the event that you are too seriously incapacitated through illness or injury to make those decisions yourself.

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PlanForComfort: Meet Jocelyn Stotts, Divorce Lawyer, Little Rock, Arkansas

As a Certified Divorce Financial Planner, I was so excited to be able to interview my friend, trusted referral partner Jocelyn Stotts, Attorney at Kamps & Stotts, PLLC located right here in Little Rock, Arkansas.   Jocelyn is a specialty trained Collaborative Divorce Attorney who in partnership with Mental Health, & Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® like […]

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PlanForComfort: Are You Prepared to Retire?

Whatever “retirement” means to you, you’ll need to design a financial plan suited to your specific vision of the future.

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PlanForComfort: I’m a Single Parent. How Can I Get Ahead Financially?

Single parents can get ahead financially by identifying their goals, budgeting carefully, reducing debt, and taking advantage of tax-advantaged accounts.

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PlanForComfort: Evaluating Professional Advice: 11 Questions to Answer Before You Commit

Professional advisors differ in their philosophy, processes, services, education, experience, and their ability to add value. Here are questions that can help you make a good choice.

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PlanForComfort: Naming Beneficiaries: What You Need to Know

This article explains why one of the most important issues in estate planning is whom to name as beneficiaries on life insurance policies, pension plan accounts, IRAs, and annuities.

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PlanForComfort: Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Your exit strategy may be one of the most important, yet least thought-out, elements of your business plan. Among the important decisions — what you might want to do after you leave the business, what the ongoing roles of your children or other family members might be, and how the sale proceeds will be deployed. The development of an exit strategy also opens the door for a wide range of tax management, philanthropic, and estate planning activities and opportunities. However, since effective strategies balance complex legal, financial, tax planning, and contractual issues, cross-disciplinary professional advice is virtually required.

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PlanForComfort: Financial Self-Defense for Seniors

Despite growing public awareness, the study concluded that Senior Financial Abuse still remains underreported, under-recognized, and under-prosecuted.

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PlanForComfort: Getting Divorced? A Checklist for a Financially Sound Separation

Managing the financial aspects of a divorce may be just as important as coping with the emotions. This checklist can help you transition from “ours” to “mine” and “yours.”

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PlanForComfort: Advanced Directives, Planning Ahead for Your Own Care

An advance directive is a written statement that you complete in advance of a serious illness. Generally speaking, this document names someone to act on your behalf or outlines how you want medical decisions to be made when you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself.

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