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How Couples Address Their Financial Future Is Changing

What has been an act of love in my Dad’s eyes over the years has left my mom dreadfully unprepared to take over the controls of the family financial plan.

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The Selection Of A Trustee, the most important decision…

You worked your entire life to build your legacy. How important is it to you to protect it and transition it to the next generation smoothly

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Living our brand, “Financial Comfort” at Northington Investment Group

We recognize everyone defines financial comfort a little differently. It’s a state of mind that our company hopes to bring to all our clients who engage our services

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Changing, The Financial Divorce Paradigm

I think most of us would agree that you only get one chance to get your financial settlement right. Once the divorce decree is signed by the judge the divorce is final.

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Asset Protection for Women: Beyond Insurance

Asset protection planning is the process of arranging your financial affairs to prevent or at least minimize the risk of your assets being used to satisfy claims of future creditors or claimants.

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A Woman’s Guide to Health Care in Retirement

How much you’ll spend on health care during retirement generally depends on a number of variables including when you retire, how long you live, your relative health, and the cost of medical care in your area.

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Sudden Wealth

Your first impulse may be to go out and buy things, but that may not be in your best interest. Even if you’re used to handling your own finances, now’s the time to watch your spending habits carefully.

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Annuities and Retirement Planning

An annuity can often be a great addition to your retirement portfolio.

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Inheriting an IRA–What You Need to Know

Qualified distributions to a beneficiary from an inherited Roth IRA are free from federal income taxes. To be qualified, the distribution must be made after a five-year holding period. The five-year period begins on January 1 of the year the deceased IRA owner first established any Roth IRA, and ends after five full calendar years. If you take a distribution from an inherited Roth IRA before this five-year period ends, any earnings you receive will be nonqualified, and will be subject to federal income taxes (earnings generally come out last).

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Home Office Deduction Rules Get a Remodel

Starting in 2013, a new simplified option is available for calculating the home office deduction.

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